Dalai Lama’s Hypocrisy Exposed

by Guest on September 20, 2011

Dalai Lama’s Hypocrisy Exposed

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It’s about the violence orchestrated by the Dalai Lama in collaboration with his Western allies prior to the Beijing Olympics.

For a long time the Dalai Lama duped his audience by playing games.  But hypocrisy can only survive that long.

I couldn’t agree more with the recent statement of the Chinese ambassador to Canada that “the Dalai Lama has been lying to the world” being entirely responsible for the recent violence in his homeland.

The Tibetan spiritual leader has since long been projecting his values as a goodie-goodie, mild, humble and peace-loving ‘package.’  However, in the wake of the recent turmoil in Tibet, his carefully structured image of a peace-lover has gone into the ditch.  Though the West supports him blindly, portraying him a “man of peace” and throwing the blame squarely on China, the incompatibility between the Dalai Lama’s words and actions has been unveiled like a dirty piece of linen hidden in the closet all this while.

The West’s persistent support for the Tibetan uprising and determination to define it as a “peaceful” move exposes their brazen double standards yet again .. a foregone conclusion, which they no longer desire to conceal.   Despite their reporting being so partisan, it was enough to expose the Dalai Lama’s deceptive stance.  The Western media upholds that the Chinese law enforcement agencies cracked down on “peaceful Tibetan demonstrators.”  Again, despite such distortions, the truth was easy to perceive.  The television images didn’t show any peaceful Tibetan demonstrators.  What we saw as large as life was the unprovoked Tibetan mob kicking and breaking shop-windows and doors with sticks, carrying knives like machetes and the Buddhist monks in possession of large collections of rocks which they were angrily hurling at the police.  If this is supposed to be a “peaceful demo,” I don’t know what violence would mean according to Tibetan and Western standaards.  Or, are we expected to think that dangerous hooliganism is not violence as long as the mob doesn’t carry guns?  If so, then these are truly unfair concessions made by the West for the Tibetans.

It’s staggering to learn that after so much that has happened, the Dalai Lama still claims to be uninvolved in this uprising.  He has even played that hackneyed stunt which all crafty leaders do.. that he would quit if his involvement were proven.  Of course, this was an intentional statement as he was fully aware that such matters are impossible to prove.  He also knew that he will never come under pressure from the West to prove it.  Therefore his calculated rhetorics conveniently continue to stand.  If the Dalai Lama really wasn’t involved (which not even a moron would believe) and yet his people went as far as this without his consent, would only indicate the Dalai Lama’s non-entity status among his own folks.  Otherwise, knowing China’s zero-tolerance policy toward protests, it was awfully selfish of him not to caution and prevent his followers from staging such violent rallies while he, himself, sat comfortably indoors.

He is loud as ever about those “90″ Tibetans killed by Chinese police.  Even if one presumes that figure to be correct, this confrontation was two-sided.  But most importantly, perhaps it’s time for the Dalai Lama to get an idea of what suffering actually means.  He has been an avid speaker from a distance for long enough.  For a change, he ought to take a closer look at reality and how different it is only from words.   Ninety innocent civilians die in places like Gaza, Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan etc. almost every week (if not everyday) while going to school, to work or to buy food from the marketplace.   It’s clear that the Dalai Lama always knew the importance of being practical but has never been candid enough to acknowledge it to the world.  That’s his biggest problem.  He now seems to be in a fix as he realizes that there’s no way out but to choose publicly between being a big leader or a big mouth.  The practical world is very different from those wishful fantasies of turning the other cheek.  If his people are genuinely dissatisfied being a part and parcel of China, any movements to secede in that kind of scenario is impossible without huge sacrifices of shedding blood and sweat.

As for the West’s empty songs of praise for the Tibetans and their leader, I wouldn’t expect anyone with an iota of accurate perception to get carried away by all that.

Very recently, the audacious Western media proudly highlighted China’s failed attempt to portray the situation of Tibet under control before foreign journalists as “embarrassing,” pointing a deeply critical finger at the manipulations of the Chinese authority for bringing only a handful of co-operative Tibetans before the camera to speak.  I wouldn’t debate that as false, but it goes without saying that China isn’t the only country that practices such tactics.  In fact China has learnt many such tactics from the developed world.  Aren’t numerous North American television viewers are sick of the media bias on their own soil, projecting only one side of the story?  The artful culture of lies & propaganda by mainstream Western media is rapidly becoming a seriously negative issue in the Western world in which they relentlessly demonize countries not in the ‘good books’ of the West by interacting only with the hardline dissidents of those countries.   This is absolutely no secret.  No wonder so many of us have to turn to alternative news sites to learn the facts.

Needless to say, the West has its own motives based on purely self-serving ideologies.  Tibet isn’t a land of any strategic political importance nor is it rich in oil or any other useful resources.  The West’s unconditional support for this region is an expression for rewarding it for its useless, non-entity global status.  An insignificant corner of the globe like Tibet is neither concerned nor involved with the West’s unjust imperialistic ambitions and flawed foreign policies in countries of strategic importance like the Middle-East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.  The U.S. and the E.U. can starve and oppress these regions till eternity with sanctions, hunger and bombs, yet a reclusive person like the Dalai Lama who has supposedly donned the garb of “peace” will have no inclination to utter a single word of  concern, and neither does he have the potential to take any punitive measures to lessen such global injustice.   This sort of discreetly conniving and insignificant personalities are the darlings of the West who are forever appreciated and glorified .. the type who travel around the world talking gentle, never implementing their much trumpeted sincerity in support of the larger world, yet grabbing Nobel Peace prizes and then retreating into their shells.

The Dalai Lama’s sycophants claim that he isn’t advocating a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.  But apparently he is also not averse to advocating the same.  If this person is truly a “man of peace” then he ought to make a public statement, telling his supporters to quit street violence.  As yet he hasn’t uttered a single word denouncing the violent and the murderous behaviour of his people.

Accept it or not, the Dalai Lama has shown his true colors.  He is no different from any other shrewd and selfish politician.  Compassion takes the back seat in his policies.

This thread on IOL here

Great piece sister.  You’ve brought up all very honest points.  Almost all articles written on Tibet’s recent ruckus presents the Tibetans and the DL as peace makers as if they are perfect people.  The DL is one man who’s been getting way too much credit for nothing by the West.  A google dictionary explains the terms ‘dalai lama’ in the Mongol language as “ocean of compassion.”  Well, the guy has certainly made a mockery of his title.  That “ocean” has gotten contaminated with real filthy water.

And .. why do the Tibetans want to separate from China?  China is taking good care of them.  The situation in Tibet is not at all like the occupation of Palestine where the indigenous local people are being harassed daily by their occupiers with tanks and guns, their houses being robbed and their farmlands being bulldozed.  And this has been going on for over 6 decades in Palestine.  Even other occupied lands like Chechnya and Kashmir have a very violent and long history.  Compared to all that, the Tibetans have gone through nothing and are very lucky.   Besides, like you rightly mentioned, if they want to become independent of China, they will have to fight and die.  They can’t get their independence on a plate.  Things just don’t work that way in this world for anyone.  The Tibetans must know that they are no exceptions.

Thanks a million for this refreshing post sister.  It’s a very pleasant change from those usual pro-Tibet lies and propaganda.

Fantastic article sister.  beautifully written .. all facts exposed.  And yes, sister cat is right.  your article is the only one of its kind depicting truths hidden by the western media.  This piece should be emailed to places like cnn, bbc, cbc etc.

I’m sure at heart the dalai lama agrees and approves with Osama bin Laden’s political strategy.  This is how bin Laden also began his movement  ;D  the only difference between dl and obl is that dl is sneaky while obl is loud  ;D ;D

I whole heartedly agree with cp and pt – superb article, honestly.  unfortunately we have to depend on western medias for global news, and I too am so sick of hearing empty praises of these tibetans and their dubious leader.  It’s really so irritating to watch them being shown by the media as faultless people when in reality their community is quite full of cheats and crooks – the dl himself being the frontrunner crook.

And yeah – being an insignificant corner of the globe, they’ve never been used by the imperialists.  So they don’t know what oppression really means.  For such people it’s alwaays easy to talk big and be disconnected from reality.  This only makes matters worse as it helps them to become greater hypocrites.

Thanks for this post sis.  Walaikum salam.

Salaam Alaikum to all.  Many thanks for your appreciation.

I also posted this piece at Naseeb.  They too agreed with it.

The following is our interaction at Naseeb.  I’m copying and pasting it here because posting the link won’t work if u r not a member.  Unless u sign in, u can’t enter the link.  Nonetheless, I’m posting the link as well .. in case it might work.


The Naseeb thread on this topic

Horizon753 [March 27, 2008]
Nice to see you back, though after a long time. Will read this later and comment…..

Lost [March 27, 2008]
This morning, I heard it on “Democracy Now” that most of the people who were hurt by Tibetan Rioter and their businesses set on fire were MUSLIM Chinese.

Bilkeys [March 27, 2008]
Did you write this yourself? Very interesting point of view… I too get annoyed at the unquestionable ‘goodness’ of the Dalai Lama.. Buddihsm as a whole baffles me..

Sweet_zainab [March 27, 2008]
Salaams and hi Bilkeys .. I so much agree with your comments.
Yes I wrote this. thanks for your appreciation

Sweet_zainab [March 27, 2008]
Also, Salaams to Lost and Horizon.
Lost .. that’s a very valid point. I have no doubt it’s true. Democracy Now is a good and fair alternative news site. I will check that too, InshAllah.
Horizon .. nice to see you around too. Hope your village is doin well  Thanks for coming by ….

Bilkeys [March 27, 2008]
Wsalaam… The most interesting thing is…the West perceive Buddhism to be this path that preaches peace and serenity and charity… but all I see where I live are monks who walk around all day begging.. How can they let their ‘holy’ people beg?
The problem with it for me is that to achieve Nirvana or Eternal Enlightenment, you are meant to forgo any material ties with this world, no relations and no hard work.
I don’t mean to be critical of Buddhists, but I just don’t understand how a religion can teach you to abandon the life that you are living in order to reach the higher being.

Pactarya [March 27, 2008]
Lost thats correct.  Most unfortunate

IbnRahman [March 27, 2008]
Good JE,
The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (OHHDL), known in Tibetan as Kuger Yigtsang, is the personal office of Dalai Lama and is responsible for all matters related to this so called ” peace loving” money making machine in the name of charity and funds.
“OHHDL” in other words turned out to be an Office of His Hypocritic Dalai Lama.

Sweet_zainab [March 27, 2008]
Right on, IbnRahman. This dalai lama is one man who gets way too much credit than what he actually deserves. The first impression by the very look of him spells deception. And this constant pampering by the West has turned him into a calculating old brat.
Salaam Alaikum and peace ..

IbnRahman [March 27, 2008]
Yes and im sure that pampering was not solely for the purpose of promoting peace.
ofcourse they all share that piece of bread its like without you we would not have been able to do it.

Sweet_zainab [March 28, 2008]
Absolutely correct IbnRahman. The friendship between the West and DL is filled with covert & dirty politics. And now, in this post 9/11 era, the West is purposely trying to elevate this man with compliments he doesn’t deserve. They are trying to exhibit him as a ‘role model for peace’ with the intention of belittling the Muslim world. Just think of it .. the suffering, death and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is truly unprecedented at present. Yet, the West couldn’t be bothered. And in Tibet, 80 or 90 people die in a freak uprising and Nancy Pelosi travels there to hold the DL’s hand. The complacency of the international community sets a mean and nasty example of powerful countries. It’s sickening to say the least.

Sweet_zainab [March 28, 2008]
Bilkeys – your analysis is intelligent and well observed. There are some insular Westerners who nurture misguided fantasies about buddhism. And those who don’t, try to politize the buddhist culture. As I mentioned to IbnRahman, in the present era, many Western govts are trying to make the buddhist community symbolic of peace. Their hidden motive is to discreetly deride the Muslim world in particular .. to make it appear that the West is a sincere champion of peace. My foot!

I’ve heard and read much that these buddhist monks who roam around and beg are often a nuisance particularly for tourists. Some are also cheats and crooks. To put it plainly, the term ‘buddhist- monk’ is just a vocabulary. It basically means a buddhist individual, who, just like any other human being can be a predator, prowler, loiterer or law abiding.

I totally follow your statement where you mentioned ” I just don’t understand how a religion can teach you to abandon the life that you are living in order to reach the higher being… ” This strange ideology puzzles me too. This is on similar lines as monasticism in Christianity. Actually, it’s inherent of many humans to harbor incorrect ideas on piety. It’s important to remember that such ideologies are man-made, and all human thoughts & philosophies have contradictions and inconsistencies with big impracticable elements. No human ideology can ever have the beauty and perfection of the Divine Message. The Noble Quraan makes it very clear that family ties and worldly responsibilities constitute a very vital part of our Faith and ethics. The goal of achieving wisdom as stated in the Quraan is to believe in Allah Almighty and to do good works. Therefor, we cannot disassociate ourselves from the world we live in. Our Faith and the implementation of its values in our daily lives while interacting with our fellow human beings makes our life complete. As per the dictates of Allah Almighty, belief in Him does not require humans to become reclusive. On the contrary, they are required to be still more interactive because only then can they carry out their ethical responsibilities and achieve their ethical goals. Thus, the Quraan says about monasticism that this was something which the people imposed upon themselves, not Allah.

Since renouncing the world as a sign of piety is a common misconception among humans, this concept (with some variations) has also crept into certain Muslim minds with the title of Sufiism. Also, there are many Muslims who support Sufiism but claim that it’s not about quitting worldly relations. This could be partly true, in that, Sufiism among Muslims doesn’t go as far in becoming a recluse as seclusion as a form of piety is practiced by people of other faiths. However, Sufiism too is not compatible with the ideology of the Noble Quraan. That’s the way I see it. You’ll find more information on Sufiism in the following link:



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