Western tourist shamed primitive tribe, fooding them for nude dancing

by The China Watch on January 11, 2012

An isolated primitive tribe, located on an India Ocean island, now falls into a “savage zoo”. A large number of Western tourists drive to sightseeing, randomly throwing bananas and biscuits to half-naked tribes, as in the feeding of animals. And local police also ordered the tribes to dance for tourists after received tourists’ bribes, Taiwan media reported on January 11.

In India’s Andaman Islands, Jarawa people have lived very primitive lives in remote jungle. They came into contact with outside world until 1998.

At 5:30 in the morning, a big queue of cars has been at reserves area that the entrance to the tribe, about 130 cars and 25 mini-buses, while reserve area is putting up a sign, reading “Don’t offer food to Jarawa people. Don’t take pictures and photograph, or you will be arrested and confiscated of camera.”

However, local tour guide claimed that you would be ensure to see Jarawa people, as long 350 pounds to pay, and in the name of visiting the caves. And photography is not a problem even more, “if you didn’t shoot it, anyway, I’ve got some for you.”


Tourist photographed the local tribe.

It is reported local police regarded the tribe as a way of making money. Unscrupulous police obtain about 200 pounds (about 1951 Yuan), and then released the tourists, and also ordered a group of girls dancing.

The picture shows a naked tribal woman doesn’t want to dance, and looked into the lens of local visitors.

The tour cars are in long queues outside the valley.

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Edited and translated by Ma Xin


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