People’s Daily says Zhou Yongkang was not colluding with Bo Xilai

by The China Watch on April 25, 2012

Zhou Yongkang, left, with Vice President Xi Jinping at the 11th National People’s Congress in Beijing, March 9. (Photo/CNS)

Zhou Yongkang, head of China’s Central Political and Legislative Committee and a member of the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee, supported the central government’s decision to oust Bo Xilai, former party chief of Chongqing, contrary to rumors suggesting that he had tried to salvage the fallen political star, the People’s Daily, a Communist Party-run newspaper, has said.

Rumors flew during the annual legislative meetings of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference suggesting that Bo had been warned by Zhou to watch his back. Later, rumors said that Zhou was being investigated by the central government because of his close ties with Bo. Rumors of an internal struggle between Zhou and President Hu Jintao were also spreading across the internet in March.

An April 24 article published in the People’s Daily dismissed the rumors, citing a declaration of loyalty supposedly made by Zhou on March 26. Zhou said that the Central Political and Legislative Committee of the Communist Party would handle all cases fairly and justly under the rule of law. The People’s Daily made this out as indirectly revealing Zhou’s attitude on the Bo case.

Zhou also said that the mission of the Central Political and Legislative Committee is to create an environment for a smooth 18th National Congress, which will shepherd in a new generation of Chinese leadership. Since Bo had already been excluded from the congress, Zhou seemed to be more loyalty toward the central government.

The BBC’s Chinese news site reported that Zhou is now in charge of investigations into Bo’s “discipline violations.” The report said that he is, for example, trying to uncover the relationship between Bo Xilai and Chengdu military region.

Rumors about Zhou are now being piled on to the mythology that has emerged from Bo’s downfall. Whether the truth will come out remains a question for another day.

Source: Want China Times and People’s Daily


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