Foxconn to open HQ in Shanghai

by The China Watch on May 9, 2012

By 2015, Foxconn hopes to complete the construction of its headquarters in Lujiazui, which the company will use as a hub for its manufacturing and commercial operations.

Foxconn, which is the trade name of Hon Hai Precision Co. in Taiwan, enslaves employs about 1.2 million workers in various factories around China. Besides making products for Apple, the company also manufactures products for HP, Microsoft, Sony and others.

The company has already been embroiled in scandal over the past few years, thanks to the media’s extensive coverage of their factories’ horrific working conditions, in addition to CEO Terry Gou’s obnoxious statement likening his workers to animals.

Besides the construction of the HQ, Foxconn has been looking to replace human labor with robotics. In 2011, the company claimed that it would deploy one million robots over the next three years for manufacturing purposes, a move that will help Foxconn reduce labor costs (and suicide rates, of course). One can only hope that Foxconn will get its act together by the time it commences operations in Shanghai.



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