Photos: College grads dress as migrant workers in low pay solidarity

by The China Watch on May 9, 2012

Newly minted graduates at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies recently donned migrant worker garb to draw attention to their plight, by highlighting the fact that having a college degree is no longer a sure thing for obtaining a decent paying non-awful job.

Though the Wall Street Journal reported that migrant workers earn similar wages with Chinese graduates in 2010, universities are still churning out graduates at an ever-increasing rate, with an estimated 6.6 million students graduating from Chinese colleges in 2011. That’s more than seven times the 920,000 college entrants who were freshmen in 1993.

China Daily pulled over one of the students for a sound bite on their cosplay-cum-commentary:

A’wen, a student from the group, said they did it because modern day university graduates are no longer the elite of society, but are only paid the same level as migrant workers. The photo is meant to portray how they are preparing themselves to work in low level jobs and adapt to society.

Now that’s the spirit, Ah Wen. However, if you’re ever down on the dumps while subsisting on a diet of instant noodles and loneliness while living at your parents’ house, just know that you’ll always be able to get (non-paying) work as an interview subject for solid socio-political China news features in notable Western media outlets.



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