Bo Xilai expelled from CPC for corruption and sex

by Jason Lee on September 28, 2012

They were told to strictly carry out the Party’s cadre promotion policy and guidelines, and rectify unhealthy tendencies in selecting officials.

They were urged to boost their awareness of the law and absolutely safeguard the dignity and sanctity of the law.

The CPC Central Committee also urged adherence to running the Party strictly and persistence in punishing and preventing corruption.

Cases involving disciplinary and law violations should be severely dealt with, it said, vowing no mercy for corrupt figures no matter who is involved or how great his or her power is.

The CPC Central Committee called on the Party, the country and people of all ethnic groups to closely unite around the CPC Central Committee led by General Secretary Hu Jintao and hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the guidance of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of the Three Represents.

It urged deeply implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development and unswervingly advancing along the socialist path with Chinese characteristics, so as to make new achievements in anti-corruption campaigns and the construction of a clean Party and government, strive for the overall building of a well-off society and create new progress for the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics.


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