Diaoyu disputes benefits the west

by Guest on October 26, 2012

Editor’s note: Who wins when China, and Japan argue over who owns Diaoyu? The answer- USA, Europe, and south Korea. According to updated financial reports, Japanese sales are down, and American, European, and south Korean brands are filling the vacuum. This would explain why the running dogs in Taiwan, and Hong Kong are also supporting a dispute between China and Japan. You see, by instigating a conflict between China and Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan don’t actually help China, instead, what they are doing is what they have been doing all along, helping the U.S., and Europe. The average obvserver may see the Taiwanese, and Hongers protesting as becoming suddenly patriotic, when never before have they ever been patriotic. The reality: they are merely pawns for western economic imperialism. Unfortunately, the Japanese do not realise this, or maybe they realise it, but the Japanese government is knowingly acting against the interests of Japan, which in this case, the Japanese government needs a regime change. Japan is making a foolish decision to fight for Diaoyu, because in the end, like all other puppet regimes, Japan will end up handing over all valuables (specifically natural resources located within the Diaoyu islands) over to western multinational corporations. The Japanese people certainly have nothing to gain by allowing western multinational corporations to benefit. If the Japanese have learned anything from the Plaza Accord, it should be that western regimes, and pro western governments will never have Japan’s interest in mind. Because of the United States regime, Japan has suffered a 20 year recession. How much more will the Japanese take from the west, and pro western politicians before the Japanese people finally stand up, and say, enough is enough. Let the Japanese people join hands with the Chinese people, and take control of East Asia’s own interests, denying western multinational corporations from benefiting at the expense of Asians.


One Response to “Diaoyu disputes benefits the west”

  • former cia agent says:

    not a bad investment for the westerners. pay some fake protestors a few bucks to stir up nationalism, and earn back millions in sales due to lost japanese business. rent a mobs are big business these days

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