BMW Z4 Made Out Of Stone Costs More than the Real Thing – $125,000

by Guest on November 19, 2012

Chinese artist Dai Yun displayed on the streets of Beijing a BMW Z4 made out of stone. Not many information were known at the time, other than the perfectly sculpted Z4.

Dai Yun is a Chinese sculptor from Xi’an, according to his bio on the Anni Art gallery Web site, and working in Shenzhen. He built the Z4 made out of bricks in 2007, as part of his “Bricks Automobile” series. The series also includes a Mercedes-Benz SLK made out of red bricks and located in Shanghai.

Today, OddityCentral reports on the selling price of this unique non-functional Z4: $125,000. According tot he same website, Dai Yun spent more than a year cementing bricks together and then carving the

To recoup some of his time and investment, Dai Yun has placed the “stone” Z4 for sale and he has high hopes that one of China’s “richies” will place the Z4 in their art collection.


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