David Petraeus- the Bo Xilai of America

by Guest on November 13, 2012

Petraeus could be court-martialed

If former CIA Director David Petraeus had his affair while serving the US military, he could face heavy criminal charges. Although his mistress has known Petraeus for six years, the former general claims the affair began after he left the military.

Petraeus began working as CIA director on Sept. 6, 2011, and claims his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell began shortly thereafter and several months after retiring from the Army in August 2011.

But the 40-year-old biographer has spent years getting to know the former general, from meeting him at Harvard’s Kennedy School six years ago to going running with him in Afghanistan. Broadwell made six trips to visit Petraeus in Afghanistan over a one-year period while he was serving the Army, giving her exclusive access and preferential treatment over the other journalists. Staff members suspected Broadwell was in love with the general and questioned the access she was being given.

Petraeus claims no sexual relations were occurring between him and the much-younger woman at this time. If Petraeus had indeed carried out the affair while serving the Army, he could face charges under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and even face a prison sentence.

The code states that “adultery is clearly unacceptable conduct, and it reflects adversely on the service record of the military member”, thereby bringing discredit to the armed forces. The extent of the discredit, and therefore the extent of the punishment, depends in part on the subject’s marital status, military rank, grade and position. As a four-star general, Petraeus could face severe punishments for adultery, including dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and one year imprisonment.

The military weighs the damage done to its reputation as an organization before making decisions on a punishment.

Although Petraeus insists his affair begun two months after he became the CIA director, the way Broadwell acted with the general while he served the Army has caused some to wonder if something was going on at that time. Those who were close to the general said the biographer was embarrassing and too “gushy” about him, and that her feelings had crossed a professional line, ABC News reports.

Former Petraeus aide Peter Mansoor found it questionable that the general let an amateur writer with no journalism experience follow him around and write his biography with more access than reporters from the biggest newspapers in the world.

“For him to allow the very first biography to be written about him, to be written by someone who had never written a book before, seemed very odd to me,” he told ABC News.

As Congress investigates the affair and demands more information, the timeline of events could become clarified and determine the fate of the now-retired general. Any evidence linking his affair to his career in the Army could change the narrative of the scandal.

Conclusion: The scandals were a victory for the right wing of China, and a loss for the right wing of the USA, not to say that Obama in any way represents left wing interests. He just operates under left cover. Unlike in China, Patraeus would most likely get a slap on the wrist, as his marital affairs pose no threat to the ruling class. No one dares discusses the true dirt of Patraeus, ie his CIA killings, sponsoring terrorism, overthrowing democratically elected governments, or smuggling drugs. Bo, on the other hand, charged with a wide variety of crimes, lost everything, his prestige, his position, and his freedom. It seems that westerners, when hit with scandals, just go on living normal lives. Bill Clinton having sex with his internet, continues traveling the world giving speeches. Eliot Spitzer, ex governor of NY charged with prostitution, has his own talk show. Dominique Strauss Khan continues being a playboy after being charged with rape. Scandals in the west are almost always sensational. Even when criminals are charged with real crimes, they often get only a slap on the wrist. For example, those involved with Abu Ghraib torture, and U.S. soldier Frank Wuterich who murdered 15 innocent Iraqis in cold blood receiving no jail time, only  a reduction in rank to Private and a pay cut.


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