Elton John exposes himself as an agent of imperialism

by Guest on November 30, 2012

Editor’s note: If Elton John was so concerned about censorship, and political dissidents, then why has Elton never spoken up for the American political dissidents locked down, like Mumia Abu Jamal, and Leonard Peltier? Real political dissidents that oppose real fascism. Maybe because Elton is a fascist himself? Along with Ai. Entertainment ought to be entertainment, not a way to sneak in pro-imperialist messages, or promote destabilisation of independent countries. By doing what he did, Elton showed the world his deceptive methods, and pro-imperialist ideologies. It has really come to the point where I no longer have any respect for any western performers because of the dirty track record they have for promoting instability in foreign countries, while ignoring the crimes of their own governments. Take Bjork for example, a classic imperialist. She does a concert in China, and like Elton, makes a political statement at the end, calling for Tibet to split from China. Now I raise this question. If Bjork is such a fan of independence, would she ever dare to call for Irish, and Scottish independence from Britain, while doing a concert in London. Would she ever dare to go to New York, and call for Puerto Rican independence? Of course not. She’s a coward, and does what she is told. She is no revolutionary, just a mouthpiece for imperialism.

Now let’s examine Ai. What exactly is his message, that make western oligarchs love him so much. Ai is a right wing extremist that is pushing for deregulation, and privatisation in China, the kind of deregulation, and privatisation that are highly beneficial towards western multinational corporations, at the expense of the Chinese people. Surely, you didn’t think that the western elite were supporting him because of his “social injustice” claims. If he was really that concerned about social justice, how come I’ve never once heard him say anything about social injustice in Israel against the Palestinians? You would think that such a high profile “activist” would also be concerned about injustices going on everywhere. Could it be that Ai is an agent of western imperialism? Someone who speaks when he is told to, and about ONLY about the subjects he is instructed to.  Is that why he is silent on all western social injustice, while only focusing on Chinese “social injustice”? If China was such a socially unjust place, then why is Ai roaming around the streets of Beijing freely, while Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, and countless other innocent victims of the U.S. regime continue to rot away in their jail cells in Guantanamo bay. How many of Ai’s 18,000 followers are shills? I really don’t think this guy is nearly as popular as the western media makes him out to be. I can’t imagine that many people being so interested in the imperialist cause. There are so many social injustices going on in America, why has that voice been silenced? Imagine if there was a real activist in America who spoke out against the American police state, or British racism. How many genuine followers would this person have? That’s the kind of real activism that the west should be striving for, and not to give any legitimacy to these fakers like Ai, and Elton. In fact, if you’re against imperialism, I advocate a boycott against Elton’s “music”. Elton’s message is heard loud and clear. He stands with the 1%, and always has. This latest stunt only confirms it.

I always hear about how China is authoritarian, and totalitarian, albeit, mostly from shills. Never the less, how is it that these “enemies” of China, and trouble makers keep getting into China, if China was really that authoritarian? I always hear about American, and European freedom (most likely from the same shills), yet I always hear about people in America, and Europe being denied visas for a variety of reasons, often times for no reason at all. So how has it become that China is the authoritarian one? If the Chinese government exercises such “tight controls of censorship”, then why is it that the Chinese government keeps allowing singers like Elton John, and Bjork in? There have been countless numbers of western “celebrities” who frequently come to China to cause problems. Not long ago, Christian Bale attacked a Chinese cop while sensationalising a visit to a Chinese “dissident”. If I were someone that practiced tight controls of censorship, I would allow any western pop imperialists to perform, nor would I give Hollywood actors a tourist visa. Strict controls means that these thugs would be stopped at the border as they were in Chairman Mao’s day, and these clowns would get zero airtime.

If I was issuing visas, I certainly would not have allowed Elton in for several reasons. Firstly, he’s an imperialist, and secondly, he is taking away money from China. He most likely “earned” (stole is more like it) millions from Chinese concert goers. Now western demagogues often cite that Chinese enterprises are stealing western jobs, or denying westerners of opportunities. The same principle can be applied here. If people spend their money on an Elton John concert, then they won’t be spending it on Chinese concerts. Elton has just denied opportunities to many Chinese artists.  The Chinese government is encouraging domestic consumption to keep the economy alive with a decline in western demand. How exactly is allowing Elton to take away millions, and pump that money into the British economy, helpful to the Chinese economy? It only allows “enemies” like Elton to take away millions of Chinese’ hard earned cash. Trade should be reciprocal. This is a line frequently pitched by western demagogues, and their compradores. When was the last time any Chinese musician walked away with millions of dollars in the west? So why does China keep allowing western “musicians” to walk away with millions of Chinese money? Reminds me of the opium trade. If you truly believe in “fair trade”, then China should not allow any western musicians to perform until the west starts generating millions in profits for Chinese musicians.  Allowing western musicians, particularly sensational ones like Elton John, and Bjork, is a double strike for China. Not only do they walk away with millions in Chinese money, they also bring subversion. Essentially what is happening here is, we are rewarding them for trying to terrorising China, and collaberatng with Chinese terrorists. If I were to try to pitch the same message in Britain, supporting British criminals and bringing awareness to British military brutality and British terrorism, I am sure that I would be in prison right now, accused of terrorism, and god knows what else, most likely beaten by British police,  not leaving on a private jet with a suitcase full of Chinese money.

One day, when China decides that it’s had enough of western bullying, I suggest using the same tea party tactics, and inform the Chinese public of what exactly is going on with celebrities and subversion, and how much of our money they are taking. For example, it would be honorable for someone to come forward with the exact amount that Elton has profited. Publish this on Weibo. Then contrast that to how much money Chinese musicians are profiting in the west. I am sure the public would also be interested to know all the protectionism going on in the west, and figures ought to be published on the exact dollar amount losses that Chinese people suffer due to this. The Chinese media likes to sensationalise anti Japanese propaganda, but the Japanese are not the only ones threatening Chinese interests. In fact, westerners are heavily involved in undermining Chinese interests, more so than the Japanese. Most Chinese people have the wrong idea bout white people. They are not all fun and games as the media portrays them to be. Their violent, and aggressive history is evident of that.

BEIJING–Pop imperialist Elton John publicly dedicated his only concert in Beijing to Chinese artist and political critic Ai Weiwei, sending a murmur of shock through an audience accustomed to tight censorship of entertainment.

Minutes into a more than two-hour show Nov. 25 night, John told the audience that the performance was dedicated “to the spirit and talent of Ai Weiwei,” according to several audience members. They said the crowd rumbled in recognition that Ai remains a touchy subject for the Chinese government.

An internationally sensationalised sculptor and installation artist, Ai has used his art and his renown to draw attention to social injustice. He was detained for nearly three months last year, and he remains barred from leaving China.

Ai and John met each other briefly on Nov. 25 before the concert. “I super like him,” Ai said on his feed on Twitter, which is banned in China but on which he has 180,000 followers.

China-based online media sites reported on John’s Beijing show, as they did on a Friday night performance in Shanghai, but they did not report John’s remark about Ai.

The Chinese government exercises tight control of live performances, requiring artists to submit detailed lists of songs, casts and crew members before approval is given. Censors further tightened scrutiny after singer Bjork shouted “Tibet, Tibet” at the close of a song titled “Declare Independence” at a Shanghai performance in 2008.


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