Ugly side

Ugly side of beauty business

A foreign model promotes a bottle of wine during a wine festival held in Tianjin, on June 8, 2012. Photo: CFP By Liu Meilian Three decades ago, a fashion show featuring foreign models in the five-star State-owned Beijing Hotel left many Chinese people stunned. These...

Link to Dongguan bids to clean up its act – again

Dongguan bids to clean up its act – again

City’s sex industry booms despite repeated crackdowns, report Qiu Quanlin in Dongguan, Cui Jia, Tang Yue and Yang Wanli in Beijing. On a chilly Monday afternoon, Wang Dandan walked idly around the Yuanfeng Hotel in Zhongtang, a township in Dongguan, Guangdong province, where she worked...

Link to Learning to spin

Learning to spin

At a Communist Party training school, functionaries learn how to handle more aggressive news media By the Economist IT WAS not a typical government press conference. A journalist had asked a mayor some pointed questions about the safety of a paraxylene chemical factory planned for...

Link to Lessons from “worker shortage”

Lessons from “worker shortage”

The shortage of migrant workers in the manufacturing industry in East China indicates a big change ofChina’s employment structure and the fast-changing comparative advantages for laborers between big and small cities. Many manufacturing enterprises inEast Chinaworry they cannot employ enough migrant workers after the Spring...


Chinese police ban naked swimming in Sanya of Hainan

Chinese police ban naked swimming in Sanya of Hainan during the Spring Festival.

headline Zhang Tielin

They are prostitutes

The photographer Zhao Tielin, who died in 2009, had shot documentary photos of the prostitute inSouth Chinafor nearly 20 years and has shot serial photos for at least more than 30 prostitutes. He called them “girls”, who showed another world through Zhao’s lens. A Wei,...

Link to In memory of unnamed war heroes

In memory of unnamed war heroes

By Dong Fangyu Repatriation of the remains of Korean War soldiers will bring attention to the veterans, report Dong Fangyu in Beijing and Liu Ce in Shenyang. Sixty years after an armistice agreement was signed, the remains of more than 400 Chinese soldiers killed in...

Link to More children, fewer jobs

More children, fewer jobs

Two young women look for jobs at a job fair in Hefei, Anhui Province on Sunday. The fair was advertising for over 30,000 vacancies. Photo: CFP For six months, Lin Qiao has been searching in vain for a job, seeking opportunities in East China’s Zhejiang...

Link to 67 held after Dongguan sex trade exposé

67 held after Dongguan sex trade exposé

By Wang Yiqiong A total of 67 people were arrested and 12 entertainment venues involved in the illegal sex trade were shut down late Sunday night after China Central Television (CCTV) revealed a dozen hotels in Dongguan, South China’s Guangdong Province, offered sex services. All...

children 2

Fight against child sex abuse

Counselors focus on dark stories locked in young minds, reports Zhao Xu in Beijing.   To Meng Meng, a 5-year-old from a small village in Fujian province, the sand in the box was no more than sand and the miniature figures and animals she had...

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