Link to 798 artist locked out over rent dispute

798 artist locked out over rent dispute

  An art center in 798 Art District, which was booked to hold the opening ceremony of the  annual European Film Festival, was closed twice last week due to a rent dispute with the property management company. Xu Yong, a photographer known for his Hutong...


Exhibition for seven-year-old twin artists opens

An exhibition featuring more than 200 works created by two seven-year old identical-twin child artists opened at the Forest Art Center at Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park on Oct. 20. Over 100 children’s art enthusiasts and educators attended the opening day on Saturday. The exhibition will...

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Link to Naked truth challenges values

Naked truth challenges values

Children of nude model upset by dad’s unusual part-time job Wang Xuzhong, 84, never thought his children would disown him because of his part-time job as a nude model at universities. Wang, along with many other senior residents without stable incomes, has found that nude...

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Making a mark

A group of 920 people write Ju, chrysanthemum, during a Chinese calligraphy course at a university in stadium in Kaifeng, Henan province, on Oct 18, 2012. [Asianewsphoto/Xiang Minghao] A group of 920 people write Ju, chrysanthemum, during a Chinese calligraphy course at a university in...

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Sand sculptures bring visitors to E China


Journey of discovery

Photographer Ma Liang waves a toy chicken to make clients smile while shooting pictures for them. Zou Zhongpin / China Daily Since February, Ma Liang, aka Maleonn, and his team have been touring China’s cities and offering free portrait photos. Xu Jingxi reports in Guangzhou....

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Link to Breast in show: the art of plastic surgeon Han Xiao

Breast in show: the art of plastic surgeon Han Xiao

The controversial exhibition No Plastic Surgery Today took place at a fine arts museum in Beijing on Aug. 26. Previously, on the afternoon of Aug. 9 in the hallway of a local hospital, plastic surgeon Han Xiao had carried out a procedure in front of...


Monkey: Journey to the West

The country’s publishing industry is starting to see returns from its near 10-year going global campaign, according to Yang Guang. It’s been 2,000 years since papermaking was developed in China and spread to the rest of the world through the Silk Road, and 1,000 years...

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Writing Chinese in a Digital World

When around 200 million Chinese children start school on Sept. 1, a major — perhaps the major — task facing them will be to learn 400 to 500 new Chinese characters over the year. Next year will bring the same amount. It’s a challenge all...

Japan flag

Chinese rocker mocking:pigs are laughing at Japan.

As the disputes over the Diaoyu Island spread, anti-Japanese sentiment has grown amongst Chinese commoners. While we shall keep in mind that to deal with the disputes rationally and wisely, many Chinese express their sentiment and patriotism through art and music. A singer, Ye Cheng, covered a...