Link to Wang Lijun stands trial

Wang Lijun stands trial

Wang Lijun, Chongqing’s former vice mayor and former police chief, stood an open trial Tuesday for bribe-taking and bending the law for selfish ends in a court in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The Chengdu City Intermediate People’s Court held a closed-door trial Monday on...

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Neil Heywood murder: Bo Xilai police chief charged with defection

From Daily Telegraph The Chinese police chief who blew the whistle on Neil Heywood’s murder, in the process toppling one of the Communist party’s most powerful families, faces at least a decade in prison after charges were laid against him. Lijun Wang has not been...


Neil Heywood case: French architect Patrick Devillers returns to Cambodia

Patrick Devillers, a French architect questioned in China in an investigation linked to former Communist leader Bo Xilai has returned to Cambodia. Gu Kailai with Patrick Devillers Photo: REX FEATURES     Mr Devillers, 52, is understood to have been a close business associate and...


China Tightens Security Ahead of Power Transfer

Chinese authorities are tightening security in Beijing as the city prepares to host the Communist Party’s 18th National Congress that will usher in the next generation of leaders. State media are reporting increased police patrols and security checks around the capital. The Xinhua news agency...

Link to Why Gu Kailai stood by her man

Why Gu Kailai stood by her man

As expected, a Chinese court on Monday gave Gu Kailai, the wife of disgraced forner Chongqing Communist Party chief Bo Xilai, a suspended death sentence for murdering ex spook “British businessman” Neil Heywood late last year. The verdict in Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui...

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Link to A Look Inside China’s ‘Club Fed’

A Look Inside China’s ‘Club Fed’

Qinshan prison is famous for detaining political prisoners   HONG KONG — A Chinese court has suspended Gu Kailai’s death sentence for the cyanide murder of a British businessman. But Ms. Gu, the wife of the disgraced Communist Party boss Bo Xilai, is headed for...


Chief-editor of state-owned newspaper react to Gu Kailai sentence through weibo.

  Yesterday, afer Gu Kailai’s suspended death penalty was announced, Hu Xijin, chief-editor of the Global Times, reacted to this event instantly. He published a message in his weibo (Chinese twitter), in which he commented that “She is sentenced to a suspended death penalty and surrounded by...

Bo Xilai

Fate of ousted Chinese politician hangs in balance after wife’s suspended death sentence

Gu Kailai will either be executed or spend a very long time in prison. The question that remains now is what will happen to her husband Bo Xilai, a man who just six months ago seemed destined to join the elite club that rules China....

Link to Chinese netizens reaction to Gu Kailai sentence‎

Chinese netizens reaction to Gu Kailai sentence‎

  This afternoon many Chinese netizens reflect that when using the Baidu search engine no information in regard to gu can be found 1) A Chinese netizen named wen ni ai liu kou shui mentioned: cannot print chinese,  making fun of the phenomenon that she...

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Link to Western media laments Chinese media on Gu Kailai’s case

Western media laments Chinese media on Gu Kailai’s case

 The Associate Press reported:    But while state television broadcast video of the defendant being led into court and the two British diplomats allowed in to observe, no news of the trial appeared on the main evening news broadcast for CCTV, which is more widely...