Link to Teaching the right path

Teaching the right path

A teacher gives a lesson in Tibetan at a bilingual primary school in Aba, Sichuan Province on March 4. Students of a primary school in Aba play during morning break. Students do morning exercises at a primary school in Aba on March 4. Students have...

Link to Backdoor to civil service?

Backdoor to civil service?

A student immerses herself in books in preparation for the upcoming National Civil Service Exam at a classroom in the Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi Province. The so-called “State exam” this year attracted more than 1.38 million eligible candidates across the country. Photo: CFP  Among...

Link to Left-behind children to be registered, educated

Left-behind children to be registered, educated

A system to register children in rural areas who have been left behind by their migrant worker parents will be established to ensure they receive compulsory education, the Ministry of Education has said. China’s rapid urbanization has led to a rising number of left-behind children,...

Link to Interfering Chinese parents

Interfering Chinese parents

(China Youth Daily) According to a survey of 3,328 Chinese people conducted by the China Youth Daily’s Social Investigation Center, nearly 77 percent of respondents said there were many overly interfering parents around, and over 90 percent believe that too much interference from parents may...

Link to Isolated school makes do in hills of NW China

Isolated school makes do in hills of NW China

Shengouzhang Primary School, in Agan county, Lanzhou, in Northwest China’s Gansu province, has only three classrooms, eight students and two teachers. The school lacks a bus, heating and a dining hall. Headmaster Gong Hengshou said the biggest difficulty of running the school was the dwindling...

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Link to Debate over gaokao policy heats up

Debate over gaokao policy heats up

Nonresident kids fight to attend big-city schools As the deadline nears for education chiefs to draw up a clear gaokao policy, the public debate over whether the children of migrants should be allowed to take the national college entrance exam in major cities is growing...

Link to Rethinking Chinese literature education

Rethinking Chinese literature education

After the Chinese novelist Mo Yan won the Nobel Literature prize in October, literature staged a grand return and became a hot topic in the country once again. Consequently, people began to ask what the optimal Chinese education should be for the country’s next generation...

Link to Chinese kids struggle with characters

Chinese kids struggle with characters

WUHAN – A campaign is afoot in Chinese schools to improve children’s literacy, as educators have warned that young people are increasingly having problems writing and reading Chinese due to their extensive use of electronic devices, as well as a lack of attention paid to...

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Link to Yao Ming receives honorary PhD degree at HKU

Yao Ming receives honorary PhD degree at HKU

China’s basketball legend Yao Ming, left, attends the 187th Congregation of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) where he is conferred Honorary Degree as an outstanding individual in Hong Kong, Nov 27, 2012. [Photo/CFP] Yao Ming receives an honorary doctorate in Social Science conferred by...

Link to Disappearing classrooms

Disappearing classrooms

Students sit at a rural school in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Photo: CFP Wang Lei, an independent documentary film director, posted a series of photos on Sina Weibo of his abandoned village primary school in rural Hunan Province. One of...