Link to Xinjiang remains polio-free

Xinjiang remains polio-free

WHO confirms region is clear of disease after last year’s outbreak China’s disease control authorities will continue supporting the Xinjiang Uygur autonomousregion to keep the region polio-free, a senior official has said. Wang Yu, who heads the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, made...

Link to Fungus trade problems remain despite rules

Fungus trade problems remain despite rules

Price of ‘winter worm summer grass’ exhibits steep increase There are countless tales of people marrying for money — but for mushrooms? In one area of the Tibet autonomous region, marriages of convenience by couples trying to get their hands on valuable caterpillar fungus were...

Link to Beijing NGO promotes rapid HIV test in gay community

Beijing NGO promotes rapid HIV test in gay community

HIV positive or not, one will find out in 15 minutes by taking the Rapid Oral HIV Test. Beijing Rainbow Health Organization demonstrated the quick test at a local bar that often hosts predominantly gay crowd. Note: Some shots in this video might not be...

Link to Medical workers need more safeguards

Medical workers need more safeguards

Medics and health officials have called for more measures to better protect hospital workers exposed to HIV/AIDS, as well as to deal with the fallout of any resulting infection. The National Center for the Control and Prevention of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases issued guidance...

Link to The adventures of giving back

The adventures of giving back

Chan Wai Chung, a doctor and a volunteer from Guang Dong auscultates a kid in a local clinic in Pibor, a remote town of south Sudan in 2011. Photo: Liang Zi/MSF Wan Fang never expected to live out the romance of meeting the love of...

Link to Challenges remain for smoking ban

Challenges remain for smoking ban

Efforts to implement a smoke-free environment in Chinese universities and colleges are improving, but challenges still remain, according to an investigation by the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control. In July 2010, the education and health ministries jointly prohibited smoking in the teaching and office areas,...

Link to Advocates call for euthanasia law

Advocates call for euthanasia law

Right-to-die campaigners say legal status must be clarified Li Yan’s body may be weak, but her will to choose the day of her death remains firm. “I can’t do anything without help from my parents – eating, bathing, anything,” said the 34-year-old, who has muscular...

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Link to Getting the message out

Getting the message out

Celebrated vocalist Peng Liyuan, a WHO ambassador for the fight against AIDS and a publicity representative of China’s Health Ministry for AIDS control, attends an anti-AIDS program on 25th World AIDS Day on Saturday. [Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily]

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Link to China’s battle against Aids

China’s battle against Aids

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang vowed more support, especially in registration and funding, for grassroots organizations committed to combating HIV/AIDS. Li pledged the greater support during a meeting on Monday with representatives of non-government organizations helping to combat HIV/AIDS. Vice-Premier Li Keqiang meets representatives of NGOs that...

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Link to HIV sufferers ‘must be treated

HIV sufferers ‘must be treated

An HIV-positive patient waits for treatment in Yunnan AIDS Care Center in Kunming. Photo: IC The Ministry of Health urged medical organizations to ensure AIDS patients could receive medical treatment after a HIV carrier was reported Wednesday to have forged his medical records to access...